Importance of checking work

Whether you are a web designer or developer I can’t stress how important it is to check, double check and then re check again. As a designer it’s important to be paranoid about the work going out for publishing. After all one mistake and it’s your reputation that could be on the line. I have to admit I have made a few mistakes in my career due to my carelessness. However it is important to learn from these mistakes rather than make them again. After all making the same mistake twice is liable to get you fired.

As an example to avoid uploading a pricing page to the company website, I have come up with a checklist (as with most things I do) to make sure I don’t upload the wrong page or upload a page where a dealer / importer could change the prices. A typical checklist could look like this:

  • After receiving excel file – check naming convention
  • Page setup – print to one page only
  • Protect excel file sheet
  • Save as – naming convention + date
  • Upload to websites media library – publish
  • Link pricing page to website
  • Seek out manager to check if satisfactory

Although it’s only a small job, if gotten wrong it could potentially cost the company thousands of dollars. It’s developing checklist like these that help avoid mistakes. The idea is to gain as much control as possible over the project or task. If I know what is happening or where it could go wrong and if it does I know where to look back.

They are time consuming but once understood can save you time on costly mistakes.






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