Globalcom – Interface

The assignment is over but I would like to add these last few things before wrapping it up. I’ve also been a bit lazy with updating this blog due to assignments so now is a better time then any.

This was the first design I came up with before the final design. After some talk with the facilitator it was decided the design before this was too bold and strong. I was aiming for a softer look for my target audience. As shown is the photo below (photo.1) there was an emphasis on softness.

However with this design I also found it problematic. My main problem with this design was keeping the logo in focus. I tried using a banner and it made the design look horrible. The best I could come up with is a radial gradient to keep the logo in focus.

After some discussion with the facilitator I came up with this design. The logo problem was solved by changing the colour. Something I had negotiated with the facilitator. This design was actually quite radical compared to previous designs. A new grid was put into place and the use of shapes was also used. I noticed while redesigning the site that the logo, content and phone made a distinct triangle shape.

Overall this design taught me the importance of gridding and going back to basic design prinicpals when I was stuck for solutions.

Here are some of the inspirations and fabrics I used in the final design.






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