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I haven’t been well for the pass week and was unable to get my interface designs signed off. This is something I will definitely have to do on Monday.

For the time being I decided to draw the phone up in illustrator. However I’m beginning to see a few problems with drawing the phone up in illustrator. I would like to go for a higher grade in Action script and it states:

Customise section –

In this section the user will be able to customise the look of the on screen phone. The user will be able to select from 5 predefined colours. If you are going for the Distinction grade, there are 5 predefined patterns.

The user will be able to interact with the interface by:

1. Click and select
2. Drag and drop (Distinction grade only)

I have come up with a test for the drag and drop but now realise a few technical problems I will come across. These were the same type of problems I had with my character animation where I would think about it as an illustration rather than something interactive.

The problem with drawing the phone in illustrator it can take away some of the interactivity that can be applied in flash. I have used gradients for my phone to give a more 3D effect. I didn’t want the phone to have flat colour, it takes away the quality of the product. My main is issue with the phone in illustrator is transparent gradients do not transfer so well.

After thinking about and applying them in the programs there are several ways around them.

1. Draw the phone in Flash, instead of illustrator – this would be something I would have to discuss with the lecturer since I believe we have to hand in a phone drawn in an illustrator file.

2. Have less detail in the phone than I was planning – that way I won’t have to worry about the little details changing colour as well.

3. Draw two phones – one in flash for the customise section and another in illustrator for the “normal” phone

All three are options which could be done easily and it’s just a matter of commiting to one of these ideas.

So far this is what I’ve drawn for the phone:



, ,




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