Global Com – interface and Phone

This is what I have drawn of the phone so far. I’ve used a series of gradients to give the phone some depth. I tried using “gradient mesh”, however the tool is a little beyond me. The problem now is to decided whether to leave the phone as is or draw another phone for flash. As stated before gradients will not tranfers well for the customise section. I’ve decided it might be easier to draw another phone is flash with different layers.


After some discussion with the lecturer I decided to redesign the site. The first site felt too corporate and was not meeting the target audience’s needs. I went back had a look at my audience and designed a site closer to their needs. I also had to reconsider my approach to the site. I was concentrating more on the interface rather than the content. Hopefully my new interface show’s this approach:

1.  Content

2.  Audience

3.  Interface

My main concern with this interface is file size. We were given a file size restriction of 200k and this could push it over a little bit. I will probably look into this a little later.



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