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Following the advice of Woodtke. I had a look at competitors websites. Althought this one does not go into great detail with the phones it is a telecommunications company. The site is HTML based however this does not mean it can not apply to the final product. The navigation is placed on the top to lead the viewer to other places on the site. The navigation and colours are consistent throughtout the site. The main heading bars are always orange (the company colour) and the navigation is always left at the top. The sub menu is placed towards the side no matter which heading you click on.

Orange has presented itself as a fun loving happy company with video games on the front page. However the information is cluttered and leaves the end user to confused.

Another UK based telecommunications company well known throughout the world.  This site is HTML based rather than flash based. Again the navigation is at the top. This follows the Gutenberg diagram (we read from top to bottom). The site is well grid ed and the information is kept in boxes this follows the gestalt, information put together will be associated with each other. When navigating through out the site the information is kept in a consistent format. Red (company colour) is used as the headings in the titles. I would assume the target audience is quite young due to the cartoons on the home page. Like Orange I think there is too much information. I think there was too much placed at once in one page which made the page seem cluttered. Saying that this site is advertising more than just mobile phones. They are advertising plans, internet and other telecommunications services as well as mobile phones. As a business you would like to get as much information to the user as soon as possible. Since the site has 15 seconds to impress.

The N series phone. I felt I should have a quick look on how a phone was presented in a flash based interface. The phone is the main focus of the interface since it is what nokia are trying to sell.

The information is presented well throughout the site. The sub menus enlarge on rollover giving the user some feedback when scrolling through. However when clicking on a sub menu it is hard to find your way back to the home page. The site shows the interactivity with the phone, skins for the phone and what companies offer this phone on a plan.

I think I have found a good way to present the content to the end client. My main concern now is to find the target audience, grid the site and research the code.








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