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Being part of Adelaide I’m always on the look out for festivals to go to. Future Music Festival happens to be one I’m going to in March.

I had a look at their website while graphically it’s beautiful. The graphics are high quality, the music player is easy to find etc. The graphics go well with what the content of the site. It all fits together perfectly. It’s something I could only dream about doing at my current skill level. However there are some things that do make me ummmm and ahhh over this site.

The navigation for me is a bit confusing. It took me a little time to find the navigation links. I thought they would be at the top or on the giant grass ball hover they were at the bottom and almost black, which blended in with the website’s background. Also I don’t understand why the major graphic moves away from the mouse instead of being drawn to it. Trying to click “Adelaide” on the venues page was hard enough, and took over 2 minutes.

Saying that though the site is still well done and thought out. The site was made by regression and they have made some wonderful sites which can be seen on their site.

For a link to the future music festival:




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