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University of South Australia Postcard.

I found this image on the post card rack at a local cafe. I was a bit confused about what it was advertising at first it wasn’t really clear to me. The type was fairly hard to read, which I believe was done on purpose and I had to look at the card for a minute or so before I saw the word “illumination” in bold clear type. On closer look of the back of the card you can see it’s an advertisement for the University of South Australia. While I find the ad quite confusing, I am not their target audience. On further reading of the back their target audience became clearer. They were aiming for people who have a degree and would like to gain a post graduate degree.

What attracted me to the postcard was the use of typography and colour. The type in this card was hard to read due to all the type being in capitals and purposely faded. It feels like the card is screaming, however I believe that this is the effect that they were going for. The real message of the flyer is trying to help the viewer seek direction. I think this type of flyer would work well for the audience they are aiming for.

Back of the flyer.

Waterhouse Art prize postcard.

I was more interested in the use of colour and shape in this postcard. The colours are effective, showing nature. I also like the use of shape to show the founders face. Which is showing use of the Gestalt.

Willunga Almond Blossom Festival Flyer 2008

Another flyer I found at the local cafe. I found this flyer to be a bit too busy for my liking. Although the type at the front stands out the most, there is type at the back. It seems to be competing with the type at the front to gain some notice. I thinks using simple shapes with those same colours would have been far more effective.

I find the colours very attractive and they do remind me of blossoms, what the flyer is trying to advertise.



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