flyer’s and business cards

Just a few flyer’s and a business I have picked up during the holidays that appealed to me. I found while at tafe I have hardly any time to look around and had fun picking out the ones that really appealed to me, and perhaps other people in my age group.

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The use of white space and type is well done in this flyer. it’s not over done and the viewer is lead from the type to the two men in front and back again to the two men in yellow. This creates a triangle effect for me and gives the flyer some rhythm.

A flyer for a movie “persepolis” I was attracted to the simple colours and lines of the characters. This flyer actually wanted me to find out more about the movie, proving to me in any case that it was doing it’s job.

Back of the flyer for the movie “persepolis”.

Business card for “C Salon”

This card caught me eye due to the unusual colour for a beauty salon. The logo itself works very well as a mnemonic, since every time I go pass the place I wanted to get a card. The card is actually fairly clever also working as an appointment card on the back.



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  1. Online Printing | PrintPlace Avatar

    I like the depth of the first flyer and is it just me, or is it an 80s theme? That font reminds of me of the 80s and the guys look like they could be wearing tricked out Member’s Only jackets! I like the front of the flyer for Persepolis, but the back might be a tad too busy. And the business card’s lines (or “veins” of a flower it looks like to me) are unexpected, yet classy. The subtle details really can make a difference.

  2. admin Avatar


    Thanks for you comment, it’s interesting on how other people view the same flyers.

    I agree the back of the persepolis flyer is too busy but it was the front that attracted me so I decided to show both sides to show the difference and also the consistency with the line and colour.

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