Wise Words from Ira Glass.

I’ve come the conclusion there is no one more control of your own life than you. You are in charge of your career, income, mental health and friendships. If you don’t like something in your life, change it.

If you are unhappy about your career choice, change it. Take classes to improve, make side projects to improve your skill set, WORK HARD. Don’t complain, because it is your responsibility to take control of who and where you want to be.

You own your behaviour, don’t blame anyone else for how you feel. There are bad moods as well as good moods, if you don’t enjoy the bad moods seek help. No one else can help you, no one can take control

If you are happy with the way your life is going than don’t change it. You own your life, no one else. Other people may influence your decisions but ultimately the decision made is your own and no one else’s.






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