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I came across an interesting site the other day that I thought was worth sharing. Coltex I believe is a Japanese advertising company (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I found their site on FWA and I was struck on how unusual the navigational system is.

Instead of using a conventional navigation with hierarchy they have opted to use a story telling navigation. I found this to be quite interesting but also universal. I understood without any words what I was looking at and how it was meant to play out. This site definitely goes against the archetype of interface design.

However when saying that I found a few things wrong with the site which could be annoying in the long run. There is no real navigational structure where you can go back and forth. You have to go where the interface takes you. Which can be confusing and annoying.

The site itself is beautiful and would be nice to see it translate into a western audience.

For a link to the site:



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