Class Activties

The following are class activies done on 7th April 2008. For a larger view of the images please click on them.

The above are class activities done with a nude image given to us by the lecturer and done in photo shop. The idea was the same as life drawing. I tried to grid the image by following the muscles and natural flow of the body. It was actually quite difficult despite doing life drawing prior to the class activity. I then tried to colour in the image using only three shades to define the shadow and light of the body. I feel that I was successful in attempting this. However I think i still need some practice in this area since again I found it difficult. Life drawing is always difficult and it’s something learnt through time. I would like to take more life drawing lessons in the future.

The following two images were done in photo shop as well. In this activity I played around with the airbrush tool. The idea was to make an object by just filling in the light. I used the top left light bias (universal principals of design) to try and fill in the object. The sphere was somewhat successful. I believe I overlapped on the shadow and light which should not have happened.

The trees were somewhat successful as well. There is an illusion of light however, it doesn’t look right.

I enjoyed these activities since it gave me more practice with photo shop.





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  1. Ryan Avatar

    Really like the sphere Jo, looks good. Wish I could use a damn tablet. Last time I tried drawing an orange with one and I somehow ended up drawing Bill Clinton in inappropriate positions around a lemon shaped Monica.

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