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  • D2 – 3: Redesigning a software interface

    For this assignment I was working with Melissa Granger and Sian Mansell. Our task was this: Form teams of two or three. Take the following batch save dialogue box from Debabelizer and improve the layout, using the appropriate grouping, hierarchy, scale and proportion. The original box looked like this: It was fairly noisy and hard […]

  • D2 -2 : Visual Hierarchy

    For this project I was working with Ned Bajic. The brief stated: The task is to take 7 well defined round buttons of exact same size, and place them onto a screen as part of a mock interface. The buttons have 2 distinct different ranges of functions; one set of functions is deemed to be […]

  • Thought Map

    I was having trouble coming up with a product for the BMW 325i. Although I knew who we felt was the demographic I was having trouble coming up with a product just for them. The facilitator introduced me to the concept of a thought map as seen below: For a larger view of the image […]

  • Promotional Product – BMW commericals

    I decided to take a look at BMW commercials from around the world. I used you tube as my resource [HTML5] BMW commercial from Europe. Here they are using sex to sell the BMW 3 series car. It’s not unusual for this to be used in car commercials. I believe the advertisement was aimed at […]

  • Promotional Product – Research

    At the start of the new term we have been given a new project. This project we will have to find our target demographic, create a lifestyle board and then create the final promotional product. For this assignment we (my partner and I) chose to concentrate on the BMW 325i. A model of the car […]

  • Globalcom – Interface

    The assignment is over but I would like to add these last few things before wrapping it up. I’ve also been a bit lazy with updating this blog due to assignments so now is a better time then any. This was the first design I came up with before the final design. After some talk […]

  • Global Com – interface and Phone

    This is what I have drawn of the phone so far. I’ve used a series of gradients to give the phone some depth. I tried using “gradient mesh”, however the tool is a little beyond me. The problem now is to decided whether to leave the phone as is or draw another phone for flash. As stated […]

  • Global Com – Phone

    I haven’t been well for the pass week and was unable to get my interface designs signed off. This is something I will definitely have to do on Monday. For the time being I decided to draw the phone up in illustrator. However I’m beginning to see a few problems with drawing the phone up […]

  • GlobalCom – Interface design

    Just a few ideas I came up with during the week. I will be tweaking these design a bit more and setting a proposal to the client on changes to the style guide on Tuesday. As the style guide stands at the moment it does not meet the needs of my target audience and feel […]