Category: Gestalt Theory

  • OakoAk

    I do like a good bit of street art. It’s something not seen in a gallery and feels a little bit naughty since we all know it’s illegal. French artist OakoAk (Hope I spelt that correctly) uses what’s already in there to make street art. By cleverly adding to a crack, man hole cover, traffic […]

  • Andy Rutledge

    I found a fairly interesting site the other day which could be useful for future reference. While the site focuses on the management and design side of web development which is a rarity throughout my research. He goes on about the employability skills as well time management skills. He also shows basic princpals on the […]

  • Flyers and postcards

    For a larger view of the image please click on it. University of South Australia Postcard. I found this image on the post card rack at a local cafe. I was a bit confused about what it was advertising at first it wasn’t really clear to me. The type was fairly hard to read, which […]

  • Gestalt in paintings