Category: Emotional Design

  • The Dunning-Kruger Effect

    Lately I’ve been reading on cognitive bias due to further research into “intuition”. I came across a recent study called “The Dunning Kruger Effect” The Dunning Kruger Effect is described as overconfidence in unskilled people of their abilities to perform above and beyond what they can do. This allows incompetent people rate their skills much […]

  • How to win over an audience

    Orson Wells on how to win an audience. Although most people will think this has nothing to do with design, I believe otherwise. Just like an actor we are trying to win over an audience with words, content and images. Designers just do it in a different way. I can similarities in this video and […]

  • Red Letter Media

    I’m always interested in other aspects and disciplines of design. Although design as a whole is vast I can see there are similarities between disciplines and process. The other day I found an interesting review site called Red Letter Media. What sets this review site apart from other is the way the reviewer (with a […]

  • Quote

    “….the potential use of video games extends far beyond the playing of games. They could be excellent teaching devices. In playing a game, you have to learn an amazing variety of skills and knowledge. You attend deeply and seriously for hours, weeks, even months. You read books and study the game thoroughly, doing active problem […]

  • Jakob Nielsen

    Earlier this week I found an article on the web designer’s depot on Jakob Nielsen. Jakob Nielsen along with Donald Norman are considered to be experts within the web usability field. It’s an interesting article on Jakob Nielsen’s current thoughts on web usability. I found it quite useful and will use it in my future […]

  • Future Technology

    I found an interesting article on future technology on today. The article doesn’t go into great depth about what the technology could achieve but rather talks about what is being developed. As a potential interface designer it’s interesting to see where new technology is going and how the interface will be used. I found […]

  • Affective Design

    For my essay I was asked to research intuition, I came across the website for affective design. It has some great essays on how to meet a positive emotion for the end user. As designers it’s always important for us to consider the end user and what mindset we will invoke. Without the end user […]