Category: Charatcer Animation

  • Coltex Inc

    I came across an interesting site the other day that I thought was worth sharing. Coltex I believe is a Japanese advertising company (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I found their site on FWA and I was struck on how unusual the navigational system is. Instead of using a conventional navigation…

  • Simon’s cat

    [HTML1] This has been going around the youtube circuit for quite a while now. Though this is pretty clever especially if you have a cat. If you don’t have a cat they pretty much act like this except more annoying, come to think of it your probably lucky. This animation works so well because it…

  • Character Animation

    I have added in my character designs and storyboard. One of the most difficult parts of the storyboard was to actually get the hand wrapped around the hilt of the knife. I’m happy with my characters as shown: I haven’t done a full character board design (showing the characters from all sides) due to time…

  • Different interpretation of 3 blind mice

    [HTML5] I just thought this was interesting. Made in 1945 to teach about the importance of work safety.

  • Sally Smart, Greenaway Art Gallery

    Sally Smart is one of those artist whose work, either inspires or scares the hell out of you. For me, she does both. Her work has a theme of horror around it. However I have noticed themes of childhood popping up in her work. She exhibits at Greenaway gallery in Kent town quite regularly. I…

  • French Illustrations

    I picked up this book at a garage sale last weekend. I’m not really that big on fashion but I loved the line drawings in this book.

  • Videos

    I’ve uploaded these videos on youtube. From my trip to Japan in 2007, I feel this is a good example of parallax motion. [HTML1] And the carousel ride at semphore. [HTML2]