Category: Animations

  • Star Trek Intro

    It’s no secret that I love Star Trek. So it’s hard to imagine I wouldn’t enjoy such a clever interpretation of the Star Trek theme. The team behind this animation captured the essence of what is Star Trek. They’ve done it quite well.

  • Keep Drawing

    I hope to.

  • The truth

  • The future of storytelling

    I recently brought (the unfortunately named) ipad 2. It is a great product, there are some flaws but that is not what I wanted to post about. The above video shows what I believe is the future of storytelling for children. Books are able to become more interactive and immersing for the users. This is…

  • 29 Ways to Stay Creative

    29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from TO-FU on Vimeo. There are more but this isn’t my list.


    Infographics are a huge trend right now. The growth of infographics on the web is just astounding. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s just another way of simplifying information. Info graphics bring data to life, makes it immersive and entertaining for every user, it improves on the user experience of searching for information…

  • Fumiyo’s Confession

    Fumiyo’s confession is a great animation piece by Hiroyasu Ishida. The detail given to the characters and background environment is quite complex but works so well together. This animation has so energy it’s made me want to get up and jump around. The team behind this animation will be big in a few years. The…

  • Nuclear Boy

    Titled “Nuclear Boy has a Stomach Ache” Maybe Nuclear boy is the far distant cousin of Fall out boy from the Simpsons? To explain the nuclear crisis to children Japan has come up with a small animation explaining the situation to children. It explains complex ideas of nuclear physics concisely for children to understand, effectively…

  • A Brief History of Title Design

    A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo. A great video presented at SXSW showcasing titles from movies old and new. There is a lot of work going into movie titles and ending these days. Just the other day I went to see Rango and sat through till the end credits just…

  • Year of the Rabbit or Cat

    February 3rd was the turning of a new zodiac animal. Fun Fact: Depending which animal zodiac you follow this year is the year of the Rabbit (Chinese) or Cat (Vietnamese). This is the only time when the two horoscopes do not match. On another note Frater made a cute made a very simplistic animation celebrating…