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Well the show came and went for another year. Instead of just going on rides and vomiting up my lunch I decided to collect a few business cards and flyers while I was there.

Ambersun Alpacas – This one is quite simple but explains who they are and what they do. I haven’t had a look at the website site yet but I imagine it would have the same consistency as the business card.

Buzz Honey – I thought this one was quite clever. They’ve used both sides of the card explaining who are the main people to contact. The trail is quite clever because it does make you think of a bee flying. They obviously have stayed away from the stereotype of bees and flowers. The card is quite simple and the colours really stand out.

Buzz Honey – Well thought out card.

Volksfactory – probably a mish mash of everything in this card. i see about 3 different typefaces which makes it a bit hard to read. Really not much thought put into it. However if it gets their name out in Adelaide and makes them money then it has achieved it’s job.

Murray Valley Cheese Company – They deal with cows and all sorts of diary porducts. I felt this was thought out as well but not to the same degree as Buzz Honey’s business card. However it does tell you what they do and where to contact them.

Miss cup cakes – This card was a bit unusual for me, which is probably why I picked it up. I didn’t really understand why they had a lady eating a cupcake as their business card. However it does tell me they make something yummy. My main problem with the card and company is the fact it doesn’t feel feminine to me. Although different people have different ideas on what is feminine and maybe that wasn’t the message they were trying to get across.

The cupcakes were delicious if you were wondering 😉


Growth SA Food awards – I thought this was just lovely so I decided to include it. The front cover of the flyer does show how SA business can grow. It’s suttle and nice.

So I guess your wondering why I’m putting up so many cards. I’m trying to see how people use their cards to promote themselves and their business. I want to see how they make it shown in what they do and what details do they put on their card.

This is all to get a clearer picture of how I should design my own business card.



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