BMW vs Jaguar Advertisment

While doing a little bit of independent research I stumbled across this advertisment from the UK:

I found this advertisement to be absolutely brillant. They are obvisously playing on the visercal of people. Showing a Jaguar car cowering away and BMW as this big mean nasty car. This would really appeal to an alpha male who really wants to compete. Strangely that’s who we felt the target audience was for the BMW 325i.

Technically speaking Jaguar in Australia isn’t a huge competitor for BMW 325i (3 Series). A more useful advertisment if they were to do the same type here, would be the Saab Turbo X or the Audi A4. It probably wouldn’t work since the faces for these cars are a bit more prodominant. Although we found Jaguar and Mercedes Benz to be competitors of BMW they were normally for later models (X3, X5, 5 series BMW aim these cars at an older audience) or bigger competitors in Europe.





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