Behavioral response Question 3 Activity 2

Window’s media player.

This is a product used for window’s XP. It is used as a video and music player. The product does function well. It plays and pips Mp3 for the user. It also has basic functions on the bottom of the interface. The product to me is always giving feedback. When you press on a button it lights up, recognizing that it has been touched and this lets the user know it has been activated. The product does function but leaves no room for creativity. The interface is not customisable but it does work. The product can be used for a wide variety of people, even people who have not used a digital interface before. The surface of the product looks very metallic, threfore you could assume if this product was not digital it would be metallic based.

This product meets some of the hiearchy of needs. It is functional, reliable, usable, it is proficent. However it does not allow the user to be creative.

Adobe Illustrator.

Is a digital drawing product used for window’s and mac operating systems. This product functions very wel. It is simple to understand and the GUI’s match with what they should do. The interface does give continual feedback by doing something. Whether that is drawing, hitting a button or erasering. The interface could be used time and time again. The interface is usable. Allowing the user to decide which items should be on the screen. In that aspect the product performs very well.  The physical feel of the product is great. It reacts the way it should to the end user.





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