Behavioral response Question 2 Activity 2


If behavioural design is all about use then, in behavioral design this model does succeed in some aspects. it does what it is function to do, house many people for as little cost as possible. It succeeds in usability, many people can use it. However this model fails with understandability and physical feel. The high rise, low cost apartments are a failure. It is an unpleasant experience, people do not like being crammed into such a little space. It’s unpleasant hearing your neighbours all the time. The high rise apartments were an engineers models rather than the designers model. The feedback from the occupants should clearly indicate that it is not working.

This could be applied to interface design. The feel of an interface shouldn’t be unpleasant. It should be grided and well placed on the screen. Some thought should have gone into designing an interface. Through behavioral design the interface should be usable, understandable, function well and have a good physical feel. The site should give some feedback to let the user know that it is working.





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