As a web designer, I constantly ask myself will I break the archetype or not? Is there a need for something new? Despite what the above clip is saying there is some comfort in staying within the archetype.

What is an Archetype?

Although I say the word archetype what does it actually mean? Archetypes are found throughout society. As an example a chair;


The chair on the left conforms to what we as a society consider to be an archetype. While the chair on the right breaks the archetype.

An archetype refers to an underlying theme and pattern which has been hard wired in the brain over years. Chairs thoughout all cultures look similar, as do tables.

Archetypes can be found in every culture around the world. As an example Hungry Jacks are aligning themselves with the blue collar worker archetype. In commericals Hungry Jacks shows a blue collar worker eating their products, typically on the work site.

As a designer, the question about aligning your design with the archetype comes into place. If you align with the archetype your design may have more success, but you would not be creating something new. Going against the archetype you could create something new but your design may not be commerically successful.







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