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Changing Education Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson

Posted on 26 Oct 2010 in Terms and Meanings | 0 comments

Another great video from RSA. Entertaining to watch and very informative about the state of education today. What Sir Ken Robinson is saying isn’t new. He has been an advocate to change education for years. While nothing said in this video is new, it’s nice to know changes are being made to the education system, […]

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Importance of checking work

Posted on 11 Jul 2010 in Management, Terms and Meanings | 0 comments

Whether you are a web designer or developer I can’t stress how important it is to check, double check and then re check again. As a designer it’s important to be paranoid about the work going out for publishing. After all one mistake and it’s your reputation that could be on the line. I have […]

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Posted on 13 May 2010 in Cognitive Bias, Emotional Design, Terms and Meanings | 0 comments

Lately I’ve been reading on cognitive bias due to further research into “intuition”. I came across a recent study called “The Dunning Kruger Effect” The Dunning Kruger Effect is described as overconfidence in unskilled people of their abilities to perform above and beyond what they can do. This allows incompetent people rate their skills much […]

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Posted on 26 Apr 2010 in Design, Terms and Meanings | 0 comments

As a web designer, I constantly ask myself will I break the archetype or not? Is there a need for something new? Despite what the above clip is saying there is some comfort in staying within the archetype. What is an Archetype? Although I say the word archetype what does it actually mean? Archetypes are […]

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Interaction design defined

Posted on 31 Jan 2010 in Interactivity, Links, Terms and Meanings, Usability Interface | 0 comments

While at tafe I never really had a good look at youtube videos, something I regret doing now. I have found some videos to be a great resource in understanding and remembering the fundementals of design. Below is a video of interaction design which has been broken down into 3 parts. I found this easy […]

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