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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Posted on 23 Mar 2011 in Movies | 0 comments

Remember Morgan Spurlock? Yes, he was the guy that created Supersize me. Turns out he’s made another movie called “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” This time it’s about creating a movie around advertising while having advertisers pay for the production cost of the movie. He’s previous work has always been outstanding and I’m sure this […]

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Why can’t computers be more intuitive?

Posted on 17 Jan 2011 in Movies | 0 comments

This is how everyone feels when dealing with a person who knows nothing about computers…. You all like to think you’re reasonable but let’s face it……boiling points are short. My real question are computers and the internet intuitive? From this video…..No

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The Genius of Design

Posted on 29 Sep 2010 in Movies | 0 comments

There’s a great show on design currently showing on the ABC called “The Genius of Design” The show introduces famous designers from all┬ádisciplines including Dieter Rams. What impresses me about this show is the explanation of “Problem Solving”. Like the post before the show explains that design is not decoration but problem solving. As an […]

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Posted on 26 Apr 2010 in Interactivity, Movies | 0 comments

I recently found an interesting film about industrial design. It talks about how we have interacted with objects over the years and how it may change within the future as we draw away from archetypes. The documentry is interesting and worth a look if your interested in interaction. Objectified does bring up some good points […]

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Red Letter Media

Posted on 03 Feb 2010 in Design, Emotional Design, Links, Movies | 0 comments

I’m always interested in other aspects and disciplines of design. Although design as a whole is vast I can see there are similarities between disciplines and process. The other day I found an interesting review site called Red Letter Media. What sets this review site apart from other is the way the reviewer (with a […]

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