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Posted on 16 Jan 2010 in Interactivity, Links, Technology, Usability Interface | 0 comments

There are a million ways to interact with products. The company mobile art lab have combined an old technology that users are familiar with, with a new technology the iphone. This allows for a interaction with books on a whole new level. A book no longer becomes static, the book allows interactive explanations for methods […]

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24 Ways

Posted on 06 Dec 2009 in Blogs, Links | 0 comments

It’s Christmas time again and to my surprise I found an online advent calender for graphic designers. Instead of chocolate there are articles which include web design. There are some great articles on this site that are worth having a look at. Some posts move back to the basics of web design but I feel […]

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Posted on 15 Oct 2009 in Links, Usability Interface, Website | 0 comments

10/GUI is the latest interface making the rounds on the internet A fairly interesting and daring concept from this student, it will be interesting to see if it gets made. Probably not the best solution for everyday users of computers but for full on internet and programmers it’s a dream (from what I’ve heard from […]

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Jakob Nielsen

Posted on 11 Oct 2009 in Blogs, Design, Emotional Design, Links | 0 comments

Earlier this week I found an article on the web designer’s depot on Jakob Nielsen. Jakob Nielsen along with Donald Norman are considered to be experts within the web usability field. It’s an interesting article on Jakob Nielsen’s current thoughts on web usability. I found it quite useful and will use it in my future […]

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Andy Rutledge

Posted on 17 Apr 2009 in Design, Gestalt Theory, Links, Website | 0 comments

I found a fairly interesting site the other day which could be useful for future reference. While the site focuses on the management and design side of web development which is a rarity throughout my research. He goes on about the employability skills as well time management skills. He also shows basic princpals on the […]

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