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Kerning game

Posted on 13 Oct 2011 in Games, Type | 0 comments

Type on the web has a lot to be desired. I’m sick of going onto blogs and seeing 5 different fonts on the same page. Though I do agree that menu needs to be differenianted. I prefer the more suttle approach of colour or line rather than a different font. Saying that not all type […]

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Make 10: A Journey of Numbers

Posted on 22 Nov 2009 in Games, Usability Interface | 0 comments

Make 10 is a mathematical game for the nintendo DS. The game is aimed at primary school students who are beginning to learn maths. The game was a big hit in Japan and follows the trends of “Brain Training”. The game is entertaining, colourful and teaches children mathematical equations in the multiples of 10. The […]

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Posted on 22 Feb 2009 in Design, Games | 0 comments

During the holidays I found a fantastic game called “Braid”. In a gaming world full of 3D generated games it’s nice to see a 2D puzzle games still has it’s place in the world. What sets this game out from others is not just it’s fantastic game play but also the wonderful design. Everything in […]

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