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Cognitive Bias

50 Things

Posted on 25 May 2011 in Artist, Blogs, Cognitive Bias | 0 comments

I have yet to meet a designer or creative who doesn’t feel like a student. I believe the one should always be learning and discovering throughout their career. Although he states it’s for graphic design students I think it can be applied to any career path. Everything mentioned is spot on, however I wonder how […]

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Posted on 02 Feb 2011 in Cognitive Bias | 0 comments

Pretty much spot on.

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Posted on 28 Jan 2011 in Cognitive Bias | 0 comments

“You are constantly told in depression that your judgment is compromised, but a part of depression is that it touches cognition. That you are having a breakdown does not mean that your life isn’t a mess. If there are issues you have successfully skirted or avoided for years, they come cropping back up and stare […]

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Sturgeon’s Law

Posted on 11 Jan 2011 in Cognitive Bias | 0 comments

I came across an interesting metaphorical law called Sturgeon’s Law. The term was created by science fiction author “Theodore Sturgeon”. Ever heard of the saying: “99% of everything is crap”? That’s Sturgeon’s Law. Why is 99% of everything crap? Because I less time and effort are put into the end product. I have seen countless bad designs. […]

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What I’m worth

Posted on 10 Jan 2011 in Cognitive Bias | 0 comments

I have self value issues. What better what to validate them then to see how much your website is worth. This website is worth What is your website worth? I wonder when I’ll ever see this money? Though it’s pretty bad for 3 years work. Personally I feel a bit under valved, a redesign needs […]

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