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Future of Technology

Posted on 16 Sep 2010 in Technology | 0 comments

One of the hardest things I find while working is trying to keep up with technology. Even after working for a year I sometimes struggle to keep up with how fast design, coding, fashion and technology is moving. After that you have to decided what technology you would like to focus on and hope it’s […]

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Posted on 02 May 2010 in Technology | 0 comments

One of my favourite you tube channels happens to be ROCKET BOOM! This latest video from ROCKET BOOM! talks about the Intel products in development or ready for market. Some of the applications are very interesting but I felt Wendy March who presented the project “Sense” understood her demographic perfectly with social media (Think Twitter, […]

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Are computers intuitive?

Posted on 27 Jan 2010 in Design, Interactivity, Technology | 0 comments

Early last year I wrote an article on intuition. I went into some detail on what is intuition and how it is used on interface design. I will post the article on this blog at a later date. The other day I was watching “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” and this clip: Although it […]

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Posted on 16 Jan 2010 in Interactivity, Links, Technology, Usability Interface | 0 comments

There are a million ways to interact with products. The company mobile art lab have combined an old technology that users are familiar with, with a new technology the iphone. This allows for a interaction with books on a whole new level. A book no longer becomes static, the book allows interactive explanations for methods […]

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Apple Tablet

Posted on 30 Jul 2009 in Design, Technology | 0 comments

I read in the news recently that apple were thinking about making a tablet computer that can play ebooks, music and movies. I found this interesting since our last project was based on a digital jukebox which incorporated ebooks, music and movies. While talking with my team mates we thought it would be interesting to […]

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